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Professional Personal Protective Equipment Supplier and Exporter in China
  • Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)
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We are professional personal protective equipment (masks & respirators, safety goggles, face shields, protective gowns, protective gloves) supplier and exporter, accept OEM, ODM and small volume orders, welcome to consult and purchase!

Special Explanation:

Possess Sea is not a traditional personal protective equipment supplier. We only manufacture water rescue gear. Due to the supply of parts and materials and the operation of export procedures, we do business with some personal protective equipment manufacturers. After the outbreak of novel coronavirus, due to the related needs of ourselves and our old customers, we started to purchase some personal protective equipment in bulk.

At the request of the customer and the personal protective equipment manufacturers, we have established this website to connect customers with personal protective equipment manufacturers. We are mainly responsible for the operation of import and export, and serve international customers. Sales activities in China are covered by associated company, which has the operating license of healthcare personnel protective gear and medical equipment (Class I & II & Ⅲ) approved by the chinese government.

Involved Products:

The products involved are mainly face masks, safety goggles and protective gowns. The mask part can provide disposable masks (EU CE Type I / II / IIR & USA FDA Level 1 /2 / 3) and N95 masks (EU CE FFP2 / FFP3 & USA NIOSH N95 & China LA KN95), the protective gowns part can provide ordinary isolation gowns and Class I/II protective gowns.

In addition to the main products above, we can also face shields, disposable protective gloves (latex, nitrile, PVC, synthetic), infrared thermometers, pulse oximeters, COVID-19 RT-PCR nucleic acid detection kits and COVID-19 IgG/IgM antibody rapid test kits, if customers have other needs, we can also help find and contact manufacturers to purchase related products.

Related Services:

Customs Declaration Service: Our company has the right to import and export on its own, has rich foreign trade experience and strong business ability. We can directly collect foreign exchange and go through customs clearance procedures, and apply directly for the certificate of origin. Customers can purchase related products directly from our company as needed, or after the purchase, we are responsible for handling related export procedures.

Cargo Transportation Services: Since we are engaged in international trade and agency import and export business all the year round, our company has close cooperation relationships with many freight forwarders and has extensive experience in international freight. According to the actual situation can be efficient, convenient, flexible and cost-effective principles for customers to arrange a variety of transportation methods, such as express, air and sea.

Description of Cargo Transportation and Export Regulations:

Description of Cargo Transportation: Affected by the COVID-19 epidemic, many countries and regions have issued relevant restrictions, and many passenger and cargo flights have been cancelled, resulting in a decline in global cargo capacity. Air and express transportation capacity used to be very tight and expensive, and some areas could not even provide transportation services. However, after entering the second half of 2020, international cargo transportation has basically returned to normal. In addition to the transportation time has not returned to the level before the epidemic, most areas can now be transported, and the transportation cost has also been reduced to an acceptable level.

Description of Chinese Export Regulations: From April 25, 2020, according to the announcement NO.12 of 2020 of ministry of commerce, general administration of customs and state administration for market regulation on reinforcing quality regulation on exported supplies for COVID-19 response. Exports of medical masks, non-medical masks, medical protective gowns, ventilators, infrared thermometers and exporters of coronavirus test kits, implement a white list system, the export of related products of companies that are not on the white list is restricted.